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I was born in Rochdale in Lancashire and have had a camera most of my life, in fact the first one I ever used was a Brownie 127, which is now in a display cabinet in my front room. As for Motorsport, my induction was watching Scrambling on World of Sport on Saturday afternoons, with the likes of Jeff Smith, Vic Eastwood,  Dave Bickers and the Lampkin brothers  Arthur, Alan and Sid blasting round in the thick mud. Then a few of us would try to emulate them on our push bikes. ( much to my mums displeasure)

 In more recent times I was bought a SLR camera as a present about 5yrs ago and promptly joined my local camera club, where some of the members had just started dabbling with Digital. Seeing  the results of your efforts instantly  was the deciding factor in me buying my present gear which is a Canon EOS 20 D camera with 17-85mm 100-400mm lens and more recently a 70-200 f2.8 sigma lens

 So how come I am doing this now ? Accidently!.

 In May this year we were going to stay with friends at their caravan at Turnover Farm, Nr Garstang.  I could hear the sound of engines and decided to investigate. I couldn`t believe the professionalism of the competitors even at club level. On the Monday morning I decided to take the camera to the track for a few shots and that`s it, I became hooked!

 The next meeting I attended was at Pilsworth in Heywood Lancs, and  there is where I met Michael Sewell (cameraguy), through Elsie Cording the secretary of the meeting. He advised me the right way of getting into the photography side of the sport and through his help, I`ve not looked back.

 May I take this opportunity to thank all those who have given me help and advice, from the 3 girls on the gate at Pilsworth to Stuart Williams of the AMCA. And last but not least, to Michael for designing and building this site Thanks



Photo Courtesy  Of John N Miller